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We organise and Develop interview program for young graduates. This is to help them build the confidence in a real interview session and also feel it’s impact thereby eliminating phobia of interview panels or written interview.


Try out the sample interview quiz below

Question #1: You are asked: “Why do you want this job?”, what do you say?

Question #2: At the end of the interview you are asked if you have any questions. What do you do?

Question #3: Before going to the interview you read all the essential criteria and .. :

Question #4: Your manager already knows the quality of your work and is on the interview panel. What do you do?

Question #5: You know you have written a really good CV. What do you do?

Question #6: You are nervous before the interview and you:

Question #7: You anticipate the questions you will be asked and prepare your answers. Do you:

Question #8: You haven’t heard of the organisation before. What do you do?

Question #9: You are asked to describe your communication skills and you say:

Question #10: You are asked to specify your weaknesses. Do you: